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What is the best programming language to start with?

Hello! I am wanting to learn programming, but I dont know which language I should start off with... If anyone can tell me the best beginning language, and good websites to learn it, that would be greatly appreciated!

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I don't recommend trying to learn programming from simple, dynamic languages like Javascript. Start with HTML (which isn't a programming language) to get an idea of how syntax rules work (you can learn pretty much the whole thing in 2 hours) and then move to heavy stuff like Java (find a tutorial that doesn't start with Objects).

If you understand a real programming language like Java, you will have no problem learning Javascript and everything else. Then you can move on to a language that you can't live without - C++.
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If you want to go for web dev, the obvious choice is HTML. Then go for CSS, Javascript, JQuery.

Look at some of the "Web" codes in the code playground. Try to understand them. Try creating your own codes.

Once you start creating your web apps/websites, you can call yourself a front end developer. Now, start learning the backend: php and sql

Practice again.

Congrats! You're a full stack web developer now.

Then you could probably look into the other languges, like Python or Ruby. That's up to you.

If you want to learn mobile development, start with C++ on here. I'd actually recommend that you start with C, but Sololearn does not offer that. C is the mother of all programming languges, and C++ was derived from that. You could look at some Youtube tutorials to learn the basics of C.

Then continue along with C++, Java and C# - in that order.
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